Letters To The Editor Taken From Mainstream Magazines


Letters To The Editor Taken From Mainstream Magazines


"Pats and Peeves" from Your Romance Magazine 

In the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s spanking was as much a part of our "Psyche" as it is today.  In fact, most teen girls got spanked as did many young  wives.  The movies, schools, comic books and funny papers were filled with naughty bottoms getting what they needed and maybe wanted.  In many women's magazines of the day there was a running commentary of the benefits of spanking (at any age or gender).  Your Romance went so far as to have a whole "letters to the editor section" called "Pats and Peeves".  I have over 250 of these letters and will be adding them to the site over the next year or so. Ah to go back to the thrilling years of yesterday? 


My mother spanked me growing up, too!

Dear Editor, 

I have a reply for Miss M. G., the 18 year old high school senior who writes of her problems in the November issue: Stop giving your mother cause to punish you and you won’t have to worry about welts on your legs.  Or, if you can’t improve your behavior enough to avoid punishment, ask your mother to go back to her old method of tanning your bare bottom with her strap while you lie across the bed – At least then the welts won’t show. Miss M. G. has my sympathy  if her mother is anywhere as near adept, skillful and thorough at bare bottom spanking as my mother used to be.  This was some time ago but I can remember it well.  I did not get mine with a strap but with a big, fat hairbrush.  Not only did mother spank me, but we had a young French maid who also was authorized to spank me when she saw fit. 

Sometimes when mother did not feel like spanking me she would tell the maid to do it.  I really believed the maid liked to administer a spanking.  She certainly knew how to apply the brush soundly and thoroughly and search out every tender spot of my poor bottom.  It was a “toss-up” whether it was worse for me to be turned over her lap or mother’s.  Frequently I thought the maid just tried to find fault with my behavior so she would have an excuse to spank my bare bottom.

Mother never would spank me more than I could bear, so that her usual limit was 100 spanks.  But, considering the way she laid them on, that was plenty!  So, if my offense was unusually grave,  she would “continue” the punishment, that is, I would be spanked again 100 spanks the next two days, usually first thing in the morning.  Thus I might get 300 spanks for one offense.

I recall once when I was a girl of 17 and had got into real trouble I caught it for 7 days.  My parents were going away for a week, so after mother had warmed me well, she told the maid to spank me each day till they got back.  I thought this meant once a day, but the maid thought it meant twice.

So each morning upon  arising I had to fetch the brush from mother’s room, where she would turn me across her knee  

"Small" wife warms her husbands bottom

Dear Editor,  

In your last issue of YOUR ROMANCE there was a letter from a Mrs. H of Waterloo, Iowa, on husband spanking, asking if there were any other wives who had the occasion to paddle their husbands.  No, you do not have to be a wrestler, but it certainly pays to be a little bigger, or at least the same size.

I am at least a foot taller and ten pounds heavier than my husband, so I did not have too much trouble the first time I paddled him.

We had been married about four months when he started drinking a lot.  He never did this before , so I blamed myself for it.  But I found out from his mother that she had to pick him up off the kitchen floor many times before he met me.  I asked his mother what I could do to stop his drinking.  She said that in his younger days she would use the hairbrush on his bare bottom to straighten out his ways and that most of the time it worked.

I went home that night determined to settle this once and for all.  I knew that I had beaten him many times wrestling playfully, so I would come right out and tell him to stop drinking or I would do something to stop him that he would not like.

The next week he came in drunk one night, so I waited until the nest morning when he got up.  I came into the room with the hairbrush hidden in my pocket.  I took him by surprise and took him across my knees, lowered his pajama bottoms and started to paddle his backside very hard.

I did not spare any force, but continued to bring that hairbrush down as fast as I could because he was getting very hard to hold.  He cried , kicked and begged me to stop.  After his bottom looked like a stop light and a few blisters started to appear, I stopped.  I have never had any trouble with him since.  I hope that some of you smaller wives have some success with your problem husbands.

Mrs W. F.  New Jersey  1957  

Working girls who get tanned too.

 Dear Editor,

No, M. H. and her friends are not the only working girls who get tanned.  When I came down here from the North two years ago at the age of 18 to work in the “big city”, my mother would not consent to my coming unless I agreed to live with a young widow lady who is an old family friend.

This seemed fine, because this lady has a large home near downtown, where I work.  I moved into a beautiful room and eat my meals with the landlady, all at a reasonable charge.  I have the use of the whole house, including the kitchen if I first ask my landlady.  So it really is a wonderful arrangement, except for one thing.

Mother insisted I stay with this lady because she thought I needed her supervision.  My landlady takes her responsibility seriously.  I hadn’t been living with her a month when she spanked me for coming in late.  Since then I have been spanked by her quite regularly — whenever she thinks I need it.

She says my mother gave her charge over me and she is going to fulfill her task.  She always spanks me on my thin panties with a hairbrush.  I feel like an absolute child when I have to lie over her lap.  And she doesn’t just give me a few admonishing pats — she really spanks hard, sometimes as many as 30 or 40 whacks.

I am afraid to write my mother about this, for I am sure she would only tell my landlady to keep up the good work, as mother spanked me right up until I left home to come here.  I think my landlady knew this.  In fact, mother may have told her to use the hairbrush on me if I got out of hand.  I have a hunch my landlady may have told mother about the spankings, too, for she seems awfully sure that my parents would approve of her method of discipline.

So this has been going on for almost two years, and it looks like it will continue.  I must admit the threat of spankings does make me keep good hours and do everything else this strong-armed lady says.

I’d like to hear from other girls my age who are spanked. (boy me too)

Miss P.M.  Michigan  1957

The "three graces" find even teens get spanked

Dear Editor,

Your column “Pats and Peeves” is interesting to me and to my two sisters.  We have noticed some of the letters about spanking  in a recent issue.  These girls who wrote the letters seem to be cry-babies.  Well, young ladies, you are not the only ones who have sessions across Dad’s knee.

I am 19 and I have two sisters, 16 and 15.  To us, paddling is a regular thing.  I don’t mean to imply that Dad is mean; but he expects us to obey him.  When we don’t, he always gives us a good, old-fashioned, bare bottomed spanking.

First, he sets us down and calmly shows us our mistakes.  Then he sends us to get the paddle and meet him in our bedroom.  In very light cases we can keep our panties on, but usually, after putting us face down across his lap, he lowers our panties and spanks us very hard.  Usually, we are across his knee from about seven to eight minutes each time and he doesn’t take “time out.”

He then asks us if we promise to obey.  If we say “yes,” we can get up.  If we say “no,” then we get another dose. (This I found out only two days ago when I said “no.”) After the second paddling, I was quite convinced to say “yes” and I am having difficulty sitting down to write this letter.

This is not a rare occurrence, either.  That spanking made the second one I had that week.  Usually it averages about one a week.

My sisters and I agree that we need these sessions across Dad’s knee to keep us straightened out.  So, girls, just be thankful that your father loves you enough to use the hairbrush. 

Miss B. M.,  Tennessee    1957


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