Green eggs and ham!

"I do not like green eggs and ham!"
"I do not like them!" said sweet Pam

And then she turned as if to go
but in a flash he told her "No!"
"You will eat what's on your plate,
or in the corner you shall wait!"

"In the corner? You must jest!
I will not go!" (It was her test)
But his resolve was stronger still
and he replied "Oh, YES you WILL!"

She looked to him then at her plate
Then curtly said "These eggs I hate."
"I do not like green eggs and ham -
I will NOT eat them!" said sweet Pam.

Then looking squarely in his eye,
And meaning wholly to defy
She grabbed the plate and silverware
and threw them all up in the air!

Now, such an act he'd never seen!
From his dear wife so spry and lean.
So gazing now upon his mate
He knew that she had sealed her fate.

She tried to flee but he was fast.
Her first attempt became her last
For very quickly, he was there
one hand on her... one on the chair.

Before she knew what was to be
he pulled her down across his knee!
Then all at once to her alarm
He had her locked beneath his arm!

Up came her dress around her waist
then panties down with all due haste.
Now kicking madly at the air,
she shouted "Oh, You wouldn't DARE!"

But dare he did! And did some more!
Till her poor bottom looked quite sore.
The rosy glow applied with care
upon her upturned derriere.

She kicked and loudly did protest
but her dear husband did not rest.
He asked if she'd do as she should
to which she cried "I WILL BE GOOD!"

So having satisfied his need
to punished his wife's naughty deed,
He pulled her panties up and then
He put her dress back down again.

Under his, now soft, caress
he felt the heat (right through her dress!)
A little smile crossed his lips
while his hand lingered on her hips.

Now sitting on her stinging rear
She tells her husband "You know Dear...
I think LIKE green eggs and ham!
I will now eat them!" said sweet Pam




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